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Jessica and David's marriage is in troubled waters after David's infidelity. The existence of his lover isn't something that Jessica is about to roll over and take. With a daughter caught in the middle, Jessica and David struggle with the possibility of saving their marriage or losing it all.

A Film by Aaron Caruth
Written by Asha King

Khadija Glasgow-Speer
Kevin Nurse
Kioni Isaac

Executive Producer: Motion by Aaron Caruth
Executive Producer: A Millien Concepts
Director: Aaron Caruth
1st AD: Tonya Evans
Director of Photography: Aaron Caruth
1st AC: Iscah Straker
Grip: Rheon Elbourne
Sound Recordist: Kerron Lemessy
Additional Sound Recording: Kasi Foster
Makeup: Chrisy T. Glaud
Props: Frank Seales
Editor: Aaron Caruth
Additional Editing: Patrice Millien
Sound Design: Patrice Millien
Original Music and Score: Mark Dingwell for ANMLY Studios

Opening/Closing Song Credits
"For Better or Worse"

Written by R.L."Nathanael" Hamilton
Produced by Fisherman Project & Precision Productions
Recorded at Precision Productions, Trinidad and Tobago
Mixed by Precision Productions
Mastered by MadMen Productions

©℗ 2020 Fisherman Project Production Company Ltd.


In this vlog we discuss the ins and outs of the making of my very first short film Jess!

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